World Class GC Columns are here...Altius™ GC Columns..from ORIGIN TECHNOLOGIES..
Origin Technologies presents the new ALTIUS™WaX-HT GC column,

the only Carbowax column that can reach 300°C (even in isothermal mode)!


Viewing the increasing importance of GC-MS, Origin Technologies update its MS Columns Line with three new stationary phases.

All ALTIUS-MS phases provide minimal bleeding and a high stabilty at high temperatures. Discover the new ALTIUS -MS stationary phases. In addition to the existing >ATs-5 MS, ATs-1 MS and ATs-WAX MS, new phases are:
  • ATs-35 MS (35% Phenyl, 65% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid Polarity)
  • ATs-17 MS (50% Phenyl, 50% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid to High Polarity)
  • ATs-225 MS (25% Cyanopropyl, 25% Phenyl, 50% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid To High Polarity)


Speed up your analysis with ALTIUS™ FAST-GC Columns!

Fast-GC allows accurate and consistent analyses up to 10 times faster than standard GC;

With FAST-GC you can get only 1-2 minutes long analysis.
Quicker results allow more timely decisions, less product waste, more higher-value products, and a shorter time to market.

ALTIUS™ offers you the widest choice of FAST-GC columns with phases that don't have any equivalent on the market, with the best price!

has in fact developed a special filling method for narrow-bore FAST-GC columns to assure the best performances!


TheALTIUS™-BIODIESEL GC Columns warrant a very high stability of the stationary phase at 370°C and over,thus to achieve absolute quality BIODIESEL GC Analysis.

Very low bleeding and perfect peak shapes are the principal characteristics of these columns.


Origin Technologies presents the ALTIUS™-DEX Chiral GC Columns line, a complete series of cyclodexstrines-based stationary phases.

The ALTIUS™ -DEX Columns efficiency is well known in Pharmaceutical, Flavors and Fragrances fields and in all enantiomeric analytical controls.


All the stationary phases of these types of columns, are especially developed for particular analysis. The Origin Technologies DEDICATED GC Columns are an ad hoc custom solution, with no equivalent on the market, for complex and not-easy-resolution analytical problems

  • ALTIUS™-DAI (Direct Aqueous Injection), allows you to introduce aqueous samples directly, avoiding sample preparation.

  • ALTIUS™-LAP (Lipid Analysis Phase), developed for the Saturated and Unsaturated Triglycerides analysis; stable at very high temperatures (i.e. 370°C).

  • ALTIUS™-BASIC , especially made to analyze basic compounds as for exemple Aliphatic Amines and Aromatics Amines.